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Trishul Allareddy BDS, MS
Diplomate of ABOMR Clinical Professor and Director of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology


  • Teeth may show variations in size in that they may be
    1. Small - Microdontia
    2. Large - Macrodontia
  • In general males have larger teeth than females.
  • Individual teeth may also exhibit variations in that they may be small or large.


  • Macrdontia refers to larger teeth than normal
    1. Generalized: affects the entire dentition
    2. Localized: affects one or few teeth
  • Most of the generalized cases are in direct correlation to the overall height of an individual or those who have pituitary gigantism
  • Most of the localized cases of macrodontia are sporadic, however in few of the cases there may be an underlying condition such as an arterio-venous malformation or hemihypertrophy causing localized enlargement of teeth

Clinical and Radiographic features

  • The individual tooth is larger than the adjacent teeth and may have normal morphology, however occasionally they might exhibit alterations in the overall morphology of the tooth
  • This condition might result in crowding and/or malocclusion

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