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Radicular Cyst

Author :

Sindhura Anamali B.D.S., M.S..
Diplomate Of ABOMR , Clinical Assistant Professor, The University of Iowa

Published on : 12 Sep 2018

SYNONYMS : Dental cyst / Periapical Cyst

  • The most common type of cysts in the jaws
  • Arises in association with a grossly broken down tooth or a non-vital tooth
  • The majority of the cases are seen in the maxilla

Often cases are detected as incidental findings on routine radiographic procedures


  • Well-defined radiolucent hydraulic entity with corticated borders in the apical regions of the affected tooth
  • Can also arise on the lateral aspect of a root with an accessory foramen
  • Often produces no symptoms unless secondary infection occurs
  • Can cause directional or curved resorption of the roots of the adjacent teeth
  • Inferior displacement of the inferior alveolar canal may be noted
  • In significantly large lesions expansion of the cortical plates of the maxillae and the mandible may be seen


  • Rarefying osteitis
    1. Periapical Granuloma /Periapical Abscess
  • Apical scar from an endodontic treatment


  • Endodontic treatment
  • Apical surgery
  • Tooth extraction
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Radicular Cyst
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