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Sindhura Anamali B.D.S., M.S. Diplomate Of ABOMR.
Clinical Assistant Professor The University of Iowa

Published on : 14 Oct 2019



Odontoma is a benign tumor that is characterized by the production of mature enamel, dentin, cementum and pulp tissue

They are the most common odontogenic tumor

Usually detected in the second decade of life

Odontomas are slow growing and have limited growth potential

Odontomas can interfere with normal eruption

They are usually associated with permanent teeth and cause delayed eruption and or impaction of permanent teeth in the area they are present


Odontoma Classification:


Odontomas are classified as:

    Compound Odontoma

    Complex Odontoma


Compound Odontoma:


More commonly seen than complex odontoma

Equal predilection for males and females

Commonly seen in the maxilla

    Anterior region

    Associated with the crown of an unerupted tooth


Radiographic Features:


Well-defined, radiopaque area surrounded by a radiolucent capsule and a corticated border

Internal structure is radiopaque with multiple small tooth like entities


Complex Odontoma:

Less commonly seen when compared to compound odontoma

High predilection for females ( 60 % )

More commonly seen in the mandible

    Posterior regions

    First – second molar region


Radiographic Features:


Well-defined, radiopaque area, surrounded by a radiolucent capsule and a corticated border

Internal structure is mostly radiopaque – presents as an irregular mass of calcified tissue


Differential diagnosis:


Compound Odontoma

Classic presentation seldom confused with any other lesion

    Complex Odontoma

    Ossifying fibroma 

Compound Odontoma - Example 1
Compound Odontoma in the region of the maxillary right lateral showing multiple small denticles

Compound Odontoma – Example 2
CBCT images: lingual to the mandibular right premolars showing multiple small denticles within same

Complex Odontoma – Example 1
CBCT images: Complex Odontoma(red arrows) associated with the crown of the mandibular right third

Complex Odontoma - Example 2
CBCT images: Complex Odontoma(outlined in red arrows) associated with the crown of the maxillary


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