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Dentigerous Cyst

Author :

Sindhura Anamali B.D.S., M.S..
Diplomate Of ABOMR , Clinical Assistant Professor, The University of Iowa

Published on : 12 Sep 2018

SYNONYMS : Follicular cyst

  • It is a developmental odontogenic cyst
  • Second most common type of cysts in the jaws
  • Arises in association with a crown of an impacted or unerupted tooth
  • The most commonly involved teeth are the third molars followed by the canines May involve a supernumerary tooth as well

Often cases are detected as incidental findings on routine radiographic procedures


  • Well-defined radiolucent hydraulic entity with corticated borders around the crown of an impacted/unerupted tooth arising at the cemento-enamel junction
  • Usually unilocular, but can get very large and involve the
    1. Mandible – up to the ramus – coronoid process region
    2. Maxilla – can encroach upon/displace the entire maxillary sinus up to the inferior border of the orbit
  • The involved tooth is usually displaced in an apical direction
  • May cause displacement and appositional resorption of the adjacent teeth
  • If the cyst is infected the cortex may be interrupted


  • Keratocystic odontogenic tumor
  • Ameloblastic fibroma
  • Unilocular ameloblastoma
  • Hyperplastic dental follicle


  • Surgical removal of the cyst, at times may include extraction of the unerupted/impacted tooth as well
  • Large cysts may be treated by marsupialization
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